The company Electrobrains was founded in the middle of year 2005.

Founder and owner of the company is Dan Backlund.

The new company is intended to offer flexible, reliable and innovative products at competitive prices. Also customer service is of highest priority.

The national and international contacts plus the experience of the founder give assurance that these goals are reached.

Electrobrains uses Protel as development tool for the electronic products and is registered with Altium as a Protel developer bureau.

Electrobrains' products are constructed according to valid CE requirements and the series are soldered lead-free (RoHS).

The company is situated strategically in the Swiss town of Riehen, outside Basel, just on the border to Germany and France.

An expansion of the company is in preparation and a branch office should soon start up in Kandern, Germany.

Electrobrains is registered in the Swiss trade register (Handelsregister).

In a world where dishonesty and crooked ways have become almost normal and the truth has become relative, Electrobrains has chosen this slogan:

The integrity of the upright shall guide them (Proverbs 11:3)

Engineering sure is one of the most fascinating areas to work within. We can create so many new circuits, functions and machines. Along the way there are always new problems and challenges to overcome. And every victory makes us growing a little. It's a great experience to get the new circuit working, the new program running or the new contract signed.
In our high technological world though, it's sometimes important to consider the fact that life is more important than comfort, people more important than machines, family more important than career, health more important than money... Just take a short moment and be amazed about the beauty in life!

Zurzach, Switzerland (Monday morning)

Copyright Electrobrains, May 2006