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Here some examples of products that Electrobrains has recently developed:

This is the prototype of a high speed communication unit for one of the world's biggest handy manufacturers. The developed module employs DSP (digital signal processor) technics, to be able to communicate with a PC and the VGA camera and display of the mobile telephone. The whole prototype was developed in about 6 weeks.
This is the finished module. On the bottom side there are many smd components. Many of these units are now installed as communication interfaces. They are performing the final tests of the mobile phones in manufacturing plants at several locations in the world. The small "piggy-back" module up to the right, is a USB to parallel interface unit that also was developed. That module is now available as standard Electrobrains' product.

Here is a finished test machine with the integrated Electrobrains module.

Cycle time: 7 sec per Product!

An example of an Electrobrick prototype.

Electrobrains has a 3D CNC machine for drilling, routing and making moulds.