Special Electrobrains Products

USB to Parallel module
Let your product be USB compatible! Send parallel data over USB in a very simple way! USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible. Supplied directly over USB cable (no external supply necessary). 8 pin port with inputs and/or outputs. These units have the advantage of being plugable. Used on IC sockets, they can be installed or exchanged within seconds. PC drivers are available as virtual COM ports or as DLL for integration in high speed applications (up to 8Mb/s). Drivers also available for Macintosh and Linux.

Data sheet (will come)
Test software (will come)

Stereo Class D Power Amplifier
2x20W output (6 Ohm load)
Very efficient - needs no heat sink
Fully digital, I2S audio data input (different formats).
Supports 8kHz to 48kHz sample rate
Thermal and short circit protected
Controlled over simple I2C bus
Many includud features (EQ, DRC, separate volume controls, mute etc.)


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